At Microbial Solutions Unlimited, our staff is dedicated to the shared goal of service to our communities, providing safety and peace of mind.

We're proud of what we do. Below, learn more about each member of our team, and how they help MSU serve you.

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Elaine M. Brauch

Chief Executive Officer

Elaine Brauch is an executive leader with a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, and over 13 years of history as a Chemist. She leads our team with 7 years of experience ensuring Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance for Missouri American Water Company. Elaine is also proficient in standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This opportunity to use and partner with PRO-Techs technology has motivated her to offer Microbial Solutions Unlimited to her clients. Setting high quality and compliance standards, her customized training program ensures the Microbial Solutions Unlimited team uses proper protocols and techniques during the application of the PRO-Techs product. Elaine adds a critical point of view to the development and use of this revolutionary product. Elaine is committed to the green initiative, quality products, high performance and building a strong company and learning organizational culture.

William Zweig, MD

Medical Advisor

Received Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care board certification, practicing in St. Louis Missouri since 1985 with direct patient care and various medical leadership positions including past Director of Pharmacy, Critical Care, Chief of Staff and Local Hospital Board of Director. Well versed in the microbiologic threats within and outside hospital settings, including ICU care of 2020 pandemic affected patients, Dr. Zweig lends expertise on the applicable role of preventive measures exceeding therapeutic interventions when and wherever possible.

David C. Becker

Scientific Advisor

David is an executive specializing in Information Systems. He upholds extremely high standards for accuracy and accountability. David attained an advanced degree in Neuroscience leading him to a diverse scientific background with emphasis in both neuroanatomy and sensory neuromuscular function. He has streamlined and advanced many of the methods used to study biological systems including various forms of immunocytochemistry, fluorescent & confocal microscopy and advanced statistical analytics which facilitated several scientific laboratories at Washington University School of Medicine and The Ohio State University. With his years of business insight and scientific background, David believes the technology behind PRO-Techs is significantly more effective than any current technologies on the market today and is passionate about supporting Microbial Solutions Unlimited in its ongoing endeavor to make the world a safer place - based on sound science.

Michael P. Brauch

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Brauch has built and operated a successful commercial cleaning company operating across the US and Puerto Rico for nearly 37 years. A hands-on executive with extensive financial experience, he works personally with industry leaders in retail, food service, warehousing, and commercial real estate. He is proud of building a service business on reputation and referral. Michael prefers to innovate new cleaning solutions and has done so with chemists directly over the years. Partnering with PRO-Techs is the perfect addition to his proprietary cleaning ideas and forward-thinking solutions, and a just-in-time solution to meet the critical needs of business. Michael is responsible for forecasting, budgets, bidding, and financial reporting. His business experience is a great asset for long-term business and financial planning.