We know a good customer experience hinges on the execution of atmosphere and a safe, healthy entertainment complex. Thousands of people will enter your facility every week, bringing with them many dangerous microbial organisms. As your partner in safety, MSU uses the patented PRO-Techs formula to protect your guests and staff from a variety of microorganisms detrimental to their health and your business.

We will help you maintain a healthy gaming complex by applying the patented PRO-Techs product, which minimizes the excessive cost and application of disinfectants. The PRO-Techs signage, should you choose to display it, can provide further assurance to your patrons that they are being protected.

The patented PRO-Techs formula will begin working in minutes and continue to protect surfaces long after it has been applied. PRO-Techs works by inhibiting microorganism growth via an electrical kill, as opposed to disinfectants that use a chemical kill. Commonly touched surfaces have a microbiological footprint which is continuously erased by the patented PRO-Techs formula.

In addition to its fast-acting formula, its long-lasting durability is what sets PRO-Techs apart from other products. Hard surfaces (metal, stainless steel, plastic, etc) can be protected for up to 90 days, depending on the conditions in which it is used.

How does our patented PRO-Techs formula work? Click here to find out.