Through a variety of domestic and international regulatory testing protocols, PRO-Techs has shown to possess very unique characteristics: they are both bio-static (inhibits) and bio-cidal (kills).  PRO-Techs is effective in reducing a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and more. This is because of PRO-Tech’s unique water-stable organosilane molecular structure and patented compounds that are composed of three parts:




The first step is the “silane base.” This is the compound that anchors to surfaces, and triggers the covalent bonding which allows PRO-Techs to adhere to surfaces and textiles and remain durable for up to several months and for up to 50 subsequent washings, when applied to textiles. PRO-Techs resultant durability means it is not fugitive, i.e., does not leach or become mobile. PRO-Techs actually becomes part of the surface to which it is applied.


The second step is the vertically-aligned long 18-carbon chain bed of “micro-swords” which puncture and impale microbe cell membranes, the first phase of cell death.


The third step is the positively-charged nitrogen atoms. The cell membranes of the microorganisms carry a negative charge and are attracted to the positive nitrogen charge on the PRO-Techs shielded surface. The nitrogen positive electric charge is directed at the impaled and punctured microbes, resulting in electrocution at the molecular level with “explosion” of the microbe target and definitive cell death. There is no transfer of energy with electrical kill method, thus the process continues to work indefinitely at full strength. Electrocution precludes an environment for mutant (adaptive) “super bug” (antibiotic-resistant) pathogens.