Dear Prospective Clients,

At Microbial Solutions Unlimited (MSU) our mission is to assist in keeping the population safe from harmful microorganisms, while not ruining the environment. This mission is well thought out and I am proud to share it with you today.

I would like to share how MSU came to be. I have over 20 years in the science and environmental industries. With the state of the world enduring viral outbreaks and pandemics on the rise - I felt it was time to explore a solution for a healthier environment without harmful disinfection routines. I was looking for a solution that would contribute to a healthy atmosphere while positively impacting people’s lives.

With this mission in hand – I gathered a group of similar minded friends and professionals and our journey began. An executive team with focus in cleaning, scientific, medical, and marketing experience was assembled, and our product research began. After reviewing and testing many products we were introduced to the patented PRO-Techs formula. We ran extensive tests on the PRO-Techs product applying it on multiple surfaces under scientific and medical scrutiny. We wanted to verify what the product’s representation claimed. Using a luminometer – a tool that health inspectors utilize - measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - the first-hand test results were impressive and far surpassed several highly regarded disinfectants outcomes. With 100% endorsement from our executive team we moved forward as a preferred contractor using the PRO-Techs formula as our exclusive product of choice.

Looking toward the future, our team aspires to earn long-term client relationships. As a client, you can expect a professional consultant to meet with you and demonstrate the product right in front of you. You will see immediately how well our product works! If impressed and interested, we will survey your facility and give you a quote. You will have several application options to choose from. We will not pressure anyone, but rather answer any questions during this process. If you choose Microbial Solutions Unlimited as a partner, you can expect to be treated in a first-class manner throughout our business relationship. We believe that referrals and references are our best business opportunities. This business philosophy will not change.

We look forward to doing business with you soon and creating a healthier environment together.



Elaine M. Brauch

Chief Executive Officer

Microbial Solutions Unlimited