Cleaning Sink

The greener, more reliable virus protection for your business and home

A totally green, non-toxic antimicrobial barrier that fights bacteria, fungi, and more. Everyday protection for every surface in your building. Multiple service plans for year round safety.

Say goodbye to excessive disinfection.

An MSU team will visit your home or business, treating surfaces with a sustained antimicrobial barrier to repel germs from the moment it makes contact until the day we come back to treat your facilities again.

More effective than harsh chemical products found in most homes, our revolutionary antimicrobial treatment gently coats your surfaces leaving no trace, except for the 90-day protective barrier that keeps you safer 24 hours a day.

Roll over a plan to learn more about year-round safety.
  • Comprehensive initial treatment

  • Full touch point protection

  • Signage package

  • 90-day Safety


  • BASELINE package



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MSU's protective microbial defense is perfect for all types of environments: medical spaces, offices, nursing homes, schools & daycares, restaurants, residential homes, churches, banks, and government buildings. Select an image below for more.